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Our Mission: Taos Community Foundation connects people and opportunities, generating resources to build a more creative, caring, and thriving community.

We fulfill our mission by initiating projects and coordinating resources that promote safe community.

Our vision is a community where all have the opportunity to thrive.

We believe thriving communities result when:

• Children and youth become competent citizens who are law-abiding, have the desire and the skills to be employed, and have the desire and skills to participate in the civic life of the community;
• Adults obtain and retain employment with adequate income;
• Adults are equipped to support the needs of children, youth and the elderly;
• Adults have access to appropriate and affordable health care;
• Elderly citizens are able to maintain their economic well-being and quality of life;
• The environment we live in can support and sustain all citizens;
• All citizens feel a sense of safety; and,
• All citizens are active in civic and cultural life of the community.

Our values
Trust: Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, and sustainability of the organization.
Tolerance: Interest in and concern for ideas, opinions and practices that differ from the current perspective.
Transparency: Assurance that through free and open exchange rules and reasons behind policies and procedures is fair and clear to all participants.

Organizational Pillars:
Donor Value – Donors know they make a difference through their positive association with TCF and their contributions through the organization are the most effective form of philanthropy in the Taos area.
Community Impact – TCF makes a significant and recognizable difference in the quality of life and opportunity in the Taos area. Members of the community are aware of the Foundation and its impact in the community.
Sustainability – TCF operates in a fiscally responsible manner; prudently managing its financial and human resources to insure its mission in perpetuity.

To share a success story made possible by TCF simply fill out the message form below. Knowing about our impact is an essential part of fulfilling our mission.