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Karlis Viceps

As an avid ridgerunner and someone who did get to ski a few runs with Ben, I am always pleased to see the enthusiasm of all the participants in this great fundraising event. It is always fun to see new faces and our youth getting involved to support a community need and challenge themselves with multiple hikes and steep terrain! I plan to just do laps on Kachina Peak as the solitude of that beautiful terrain will soon be history.

Ken Gallard

A Ridge-A-Thon Originator

Ken was a friend of Ben's forever, and the only person to have participated in every Ridge-A-Thon. He is one
of the original organizers. He'd love it if you'd make a pledge. This is an image he took of Ben.

Michael "Red" Wagener

As a flatlander growing up in Wisconsin, and moving here a little over 7 years ago from Duluth, MN, the Ridge was a way to improve my big mountain skiing which I'd previously had very little exposure to. It became a very important and significant part of my life, as has the Ridge-A-Thon. This amazing event which benefits the community I love, and have been so graciously accepted into, is a way this ski bum can give back! This only happens with your generosity and support!! 

Mike Engelhardt

14 Years Raising the Ridge

2014 will be my 14th year participating in Ridge-A-Thon. I enjoy the challenge of hiking and skiing the ridge non stop for 6 hours. I really enjoy the comaradarie and friendships I have made via this event since 2001. It is wonderful thing that nearly 2 decades after Ben's death that his legacy lives on via the men and women who ski in this event. 

Kent Forte

Team Edelweiss

Eight-year Ridge-A-Thon veteran and avid ridge runner!

Millie and Jessica Savages

We'll find out more about them soon!

Ross and Angie Burns

The past two years I’ve been part of a father-son Ridge-A-Thon team. However, this year my son Victor has a commitment to the high school tennis team and won’t be able to participate. His seven year old sister, Angie, has volunteered to take his place. She has set a lofty goal of five runs, including the Peak. Please help us raise money for this worthy cause.


Victor Goler and Jeff Mugleston

Jeff "Muggzy" Mugleston is a long time health, and outdoor enthusiast. During the winter he spends many hours on skis as the manager of the Taos Ski Valley Ski School. As an avid mountain biker he has dedicated many hours to riding, building trails for the Forest Service and bike trails at Taos Ski Valley.

Gustavo Victor Goler is a local artist and art conservator who's work can be found in private collections and museums across the country. Aside from his art and family, Goler spends much of his spare time pursuing his passion as a health enthusiast; skiing, mountain biking, and competing in triathlons.

Christopher Brock

A Young Veteran

My name is Christopher Brock, and I am a junior at Albuquerque Academy. I did my first Ridge-A-Thon when I was 11 years old. I did 5 runs and also climbed Kachina for the first time. Standing on top of Kachina among my fellow adult hikers will always be one of my most cherished memories. As I got older, I understood the need for this incomparable fundraising for the Taos community and how important it is to contribute as an active hiker or as a sponsor. As a ninth grader I fought hard on my hikes up that ridge, coming in in 5th place after 35 hikes including 2 Kachina hikes. The rock I picked up on my final climb that day has been my mom’s good luck charm ever since. That day I also left a rock from my parents' home country on top of the mountain, thinking that I always will return to be among the hikers that get together here each year, to fight for a great cause in memory of a young man that loved to hike the Taos ridge the way we do. Many thanks for supporting me!  

Axis of Shred

Paul Drakos and Kurt Vollbrecht

Kurt and Paul are both Geologists living in Santa Fe. Kurt Vollbrecht works for the New Mexico State Environment Department where he manages the Mining Oversight section. Paul Drakos is Senior Geologist and Vice President at Glorieta Geoscienceo Inc., where he is involved in geology and hydrology projects throughout the western US, including Taos. Once the snow melts you will see Paul and Kurt out rock climbing. Look for us on the crags around Taos this summer!

The Peregrine Falcons

Eliana Lerman and Ryan Debue

Growing up in Taos, I have become an avid skier with a love for the Taos Ski Valley Ridge. This will be my third year participating in the Ridge-A-Thon. My boyfriend Ryan and I participated in the Ridge-A-Thon last year, and raised close to a thousand dollars. It's wonderful when you can do something that you love, and raise money for a good cause simultaneously.

The Grannies!

Kickin' it Old School

The Grannies are a group of independent, major Ridge-A-Thon supporters. If you're over 55 make a pledge with these folks to stay strong, healthy and stay involved in the community for as long as you can. The Grannies usually start to hike later in the day, many of their skiers putting in just a single hike, and enjoying a nice lunch on the backside. They are not a team, each raises their own funds, and contributes individually, but this group is made up of individuals with a strong active lifestyle who work hard for this cause.

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