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How to Make a Donation

    Taos Community Foundation General Fund

    The TCF General Fund supports the operations of Taos Community Foundation. Started with a legacy gift from Hal Davis this fund is a reminder of how friends of the Foundation can leave a legacy supporting our long term mission of improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.

    We believe that charitable gifts that are wisely invested will grow to have a remarkable impact long after initially donated. We believe that people working together can make a difference!

    Community Leadership Fund

    Taos Community Foundation takes on challenging issues, pursues cross-sector solutions, engages citizens, and marshals the needed resources to improve our communities, build social capital and provide opportunity for all. In our work throughout community, both in grant-making and convening, we are always listening for emerging threads.

    Community Leadership is the Foundation's way of using discretionary funds to support emergent community needs identified through discussion, incubation and planning with community members. We fund both short term special projects and long term endowed sponsored projects.

    Community Endowment Fund

    The Community Endowment Fund responds to our commitment to building permanent endowment funds, supporting projects and organizations which improve quality-of-life over time.

    Memorial Funds

    When a loved one dies, keeping their memory alive is a way of honoring their life and finding comfort in your own life as a survivor. Some people do this with actual physical memorials, while others prefer to set up funds.

    Setting up a fund at TCF is a wonderful way to remember your loved one. This gift to the community is given in perpetuity, so the name and interests of your loved one can live on through the fund.

    When donating online, include the name of your existing memorial fund in the "Add special instructions for TCF" section. If you have not set up a fund but are interested in discussing this option please call Traci at our offices. 

    In Honor of

    Have you ever wanted a unique way to thank that special teacher, mark a friend’s retirement or birthday, or celebrate a holiday? Consider making an honor/tribute gift to TCF's general fund. We will send a card to the recipient to inform them that a gift has been made in their honor.

    Events and Community Funds

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    Healthy Environment Fund

    supports livable communities by funding wise utilization, protection, and advancement of our physical environment and the different forms of life that inhabit it. Taos has unique environmental concerns and opportunities the fund enables communities to permanently protect traditional farmland, preserve water habitat, and maintain the scenic and healthy aspects of Taos. Which in turn give a sense of hope and dignity to our citizens about the future of our natural world will be encouraged.

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    Healthy Youth and Families Fund

    The health and well-being of the children and families in our community is directly supported, encouraged and facilitated. Unique regional, social, and economic factors in our community can have a detrimental impact on the family. The grants in this focus area play an important role in assisting families with basic needs, education, medical care and mental health. The healthy youth and families grant making strengthens the connection between the personal and the social by providing a sense of belonging and a positive attachment to family, school, peers and the community.

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    Creativity and Culture Fund

    supports the values the experience and wisdom of local artists in all their diversity and affirms their power to unite and build social change philanthropy. The arts funding is highly responsive to the culture, capacity and aspirations of the grantees. . This area invests in key local institutions and nurtures local leadership and talent. The core support is needed to work with artists to enhance performances and exhibitions, improve production, advertising, program development and fundraising.

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    Strengthening Community

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    Non Profit Partner Funds

    TCF partners with local Non Profits to filter funds toward their projects and goals.

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    Donor Advised or Named Fund

    If you are a current fundholder you may donate online to your named fund. To apply the funds correctly, it is helpful if you click the "Please list your fund name here:" link to expand a text box and type in the name of your fund.