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Taos Community Foundation supports nonprofit organizations through grantmaking and technical assistance.
Taos Community Foundation also serves as a facilitator, fostering collaboration among organizations in support of community growth.

In current economic times, the nonprofit sector is under pressure to do more with less. Organizational capacity requires strength and reinforcement through education, planning and knowledge management. As local foundations have re-prioritized grantmaking and federal support has become more limited, local nonprofits are often left overworked and unable to produce outcomes they would wish to see.

Taos Community Foundation strives to support the nonprofit sector as a whole in our community. Our technical assistance efforts aim to strengthen the social capital of our community by building the capacity of nonprofits to effectively deliver services, learn from the outcomes of their efforts and report to the community.

Nonprofit Impact

"The Economic Impact of nonprofits in New Mexico represents 5.4% of all salaries paid and 10% of the market. Nonprofit organizations make a substantial contribution to the quality of life and economic well-being of New Mexicans. These organizations provide health care, social and educational services, advocate for social and environmental change, support businesses and communities, conduct research, support the arts and other cultural activities, and provide credit and basic utilities where the market does not."

NM Economic Impact of Nonprofit Organizations in New Mexico, 2008. Download full report at left.

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Center for Nonprofit Excellence

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence strengthens the capabilities and capacity of nonprofits so they can more effectively achieve their missions.  Click Here for more information.