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Professional Advisors

Your clients have a variety of options to consider as they explore giving through the Foundation. Familiarize yourself with information in our Giving section; our range of funds and investment pathways. Know your clients' special interests in philanthropy. Together we can assist in decision making which will achieve both their philanthropic and their financial goals.

Note to Professional Advisors

Developing a charitable plan that takes into account your client's financial and charitable needs is no small task. As a professional advisor, the opportunity you have to help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals is both a privilege and a challenge. We want to be a resource for you as well as a philanthropic partner for your clients. A full understanding of the many possibilities of charitable giving, which can offer specific tax benefits, can also help your clients achieve financial, personal or business goals.

We consider attorneys, accountants, financial planners, insurance agents and other professionals who have relationships with donors to be our valued partners in charitable giving. We have made available tools and information to help you guide your clients to the full financial benefit of their contributions while supporting the charities of their choice.

We have an outstanding reputation for integrity and service to donors. We have developed unique resources for you to use in helping donors craft their charitable giving plans. Review the additional documents listed on this page and visit the external site Planned Giving Design Center for information and help with gift calculations.

The Taos Community Foundation does not provide legal or financial advice. Donors are encouraged to work directly with their legal and financial advisors when considering a fund or making a planned gift. Both have attractive tax advantages for the donor.